FIWARE Technology

All the FIWARE accelerated projects use FIWARE technology. FIWARE technology is a platform that brings an open set of simple yet powerful APIs making it easier to develop innovative applications. The FIWARE APIs are, as we call enablers – they support startups to develop by using a set of already prepared, open APIs, what makes development easier and faster.



Insight on Generic and Specific Enablers

During the very first phase of the FI-PPP program, a set of use case projects developed use case scenarios in several industry domains, such as transport and agriculture, by using the core technology foundation by FI-WARE.

Part of the technologies behind the use case scenarios are specific for the domain or use case. The other part is more generic.

FI-WARE has been working on the technology foundation behind the FI-PPP program, an infrastructure based on Generic Enablers that enabled the implementation of these use case scenarios.

What are Generic Enablers?

Many applications rely on the same enablers or basic blocks, also called ‘Generic Enablers’, offering reusable and commonly shared functions, and facilitating the Future Internet applications in many different ways.

The platform building blocks by FI-WARE platform has been making the Generic Enablers available to use and innovate with, open, fast, interoperable, reusable and reliable.

What are the Specific Enablers?

On the other hand, there are the specific technologies, which are being implemented by some Use Case projects via applications and ‘Specific Enablers’. This is the case of building blocks for a specific domain such as ‘speech recognition’ in the media domain.

Besides the Generic and Specific Enablers, there is INFINITY, a project that made an inventory of the different European infrastructures that can be of use to host the different technologies, including, among others, datacenters and wireless sensor networks.