Are you a startup with an innovative idea for a new application or service? The FIWARE Accelerator Programme has has a great opportunity for you! €80 million in grants will go to more than 1,000 startups throughout Europe in the form of a direct grant – no equity or loan repayments required.

The European Commission has launched the third phase of the Future Internet program, the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, born out of a Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) between the EU and 16 accelerators specialized in different strategic sectors of the European economy – including education, health, energy, transportation or smart cities.

The FI-PPP is a 5-year program, from 2011 to 2016, launched by the European Commission and European industry, to help accelerating the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies of public and social relevance.

The first two phases were huge R&D projects, with the involvement of universities, big enterprises, and other actors, which performed technological developments and trials. We are now in the third phase and, from September 2014, the startup ecosystem will be able to use the developments of the previous phases to build successful Future Internet applications.

In this third phase, the FIWARE Accelerator Programme offers a wide range of benefits for startups:

  • €80 million in grants, benefiting more than 1,000 startups to develop highly innovative services and applications.
  • Funding up to €150,000 for each of the selected startups, in the form of a direct grant no equity or loan repayments required.
  • Mentoring, networking and support for greater agility in developing applications and management cost savings.
  • Support in dissemination and transforming an idea into a commercial product for European and global markets.

The money will be distributed directly via 16 accelerators that focus on many different areas, including: Creative industry, Manufacturing & 3D Printing, Health, Smart Cities, Media & Content, Education, Smart Mobility, Energy, Cleantech, Startup, Startups, Innovation, SME, fund, funding, acceleration, incubation, non-refundable, ecosystem.

Through Open Calls, startup players are called to submit the proposals to develop innovative applications and services.

If you’re interested in developing your innovative application and grab a share of €80 million, then check the call schedule and see how to apply! Open calls

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